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Hi! I have been involved in athletics in one form or another, my entire life. I weight train, box/kickboxing CrossFit, and I enjoy yoga. Working out has always been a passion of mine and I hope to share this passion with you. As my passion for fitness grew I became a certified spin instructor.

My goal is to create a friendly and upbeat cycling environment for every member. My classes emphasize positive thinking and positive results. My classes are focused and challenging with goals appropriate for both beginner and advanced athletes to help them achieve there fitness goals. I love workouts that are heart racing fun with laughter and sweat. I want to change lives through fitness, to motivate and challenge people to help them find and exceed there fitness goals. Everyone has choices in life as long as you stay positive and reach for your goals because nothing is impossible. So come join me so we can spin, laugh, sweat and most importantly have a great time

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