Oct 06


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“Hi! I’m Lefer, and I love results! My fitness journey began 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with a liver condition that forced me to go from working behind a desk 8-12 hours a day to getting active and eating better. Lost 30lbs doing P90X and Insanity, began teaching those classes on my part time a few years later and made it a full time dream! Now I help others change their lives for the better and live for success stories. Can’t wait to be a part of your success story!”
Sep 27


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Hi! I have been involved in athletics in one form or another, my entire life. I weight train, box/kickboxing CrossFit, and I enjoy yoga. Working out has always been a passion of mine and I hope to share this passion with you. As my passion for fitness grew I became a certified spin instructor. My goal is to create a friendly and upbeat cycling environment for every member. My classes emphasize positive thinking and positive results. My classes are focused and challenging with goals appropriate for both beginner and advanced athletes to help them achieve there fitness goals. I love workouts that are heart racing fun with laughter and sweat. I want to change lives through fitness, to motivate and challenge people to help them find and exceed there fitness goals. Everyone has choices in life as long as you stay positive and reach for your goals because nothing is impossible. So come join me so we can spin, laugh, sweat and most importantly have a great time
Sep 26

Tziporah R

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Hey I’m Tzip! I love fitness because I love challenging myself and the feeling of conquering obstacles I never thought I could. Cycling is my all time favorite form of cardio because it’s so fun! I feel like I’m dancing on the bike (even though I can’t dance off the bike AT ALL) I love cycling so much that I decided to take my obsession to the podium! My motto is that the way we ride our bike, with passion, strength, and joy, is the way we live our life, outside the cycling room. My classes are total cardio parties, I like my riders to be carried away by the music and believe that anything is possible when we commit to our goals. Can’t wait to see you rock it out on a bike!!!
Jun 20


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Hi my name is Serena and I am a certified personal trainer and Zumba, TRX and Bootcamp instructor. Dance has always been my passion from Ballet to Salsa starting at 6 years old. I love creating unique, high-intensity, learning and styling classes that are FUN and guaranteed to make you sweat! I combine my passion for dance, high intensity interval training and strength training to bring you classes that challenge you in every sense of the word. I pride myself in developing classes that teach you functional movement, proper form, creative use of body weight and that help to develop core strength, balance and mobility. It’s your time out of your busy schedule and I want to take advantage of every second, so come check out my class and tell me what you think!
Apr 15


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Hi, I’m Sara! I am a certified personal trainer and spinning instructor, with a B.S. in Family Nutrition and Exercise Science. Fitness is and always has been my life. I like to believe that one’s passion is their strongest force. If you have passion and determination you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to! In my classes and workout sessions I will push and encourage you to find your passion and utilize it throughout the workout. I, as an instructor/trainer, want to show you that you cannot only reach your goals, but you can take them further than you imagine. Just remember, with some crazy music, sweat, and passion you can do it! Come train and ride with me for a full body workout that will make you feel MORE ALIVE THAN EVER! After all, we have one life to live….SO LETS SWEAT IT AND LIVE IT!
Mar 10


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Hi! Im Huvi! Exercise gives me the chance to turn my mind off and do something for my health and others. Teaching classes is a great way to help people push themselves outside of their comfort zones and help them achieve goals they otherwise wouldn’t know they could achieve. I love to help motivate and encourage my students to embrace personal fitness challenges. Being able to turn someones hard day around and channel that energy into a hard workout gives me great satisfaction. I’m passionate about what I do and it gives me great pleasure to share that passion with others. So come join in the fun!
Mar 10


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After years of working as a sports trainer/physical trainer/instructor my body felt stressed and bent. I began looking for a physical exercise that would give my body a different dimension. I found yoga and right from the first month I love what it was doing for my body… my shoulders broadened and my heart opened. Through yoga we aim to provide a quality of life. The practice of yoga provides stability, focus, clarity and peace. What characterizes yoga is the connection between the spiritual and physical, between the intellectual and the experience, between the logical and the intuition. This is expressed between my teachings and my students. Yoga combines the development of the body and the soul. Come namaste with me!
Mar 01


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“Great things never come from comfort zones” Hi I’m Rachel and always loved athletics. I love to bring a challenge to my classes. My classes are all about the music, energy and sweat, I enjoy helping you to find your edge in a fun and healthy way! I’m a believer that everything we are seeking exists within us. Join me on the bike, TRX or Booty barre class.
May 18


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Hi! I’m Elisheva! I started exercising in order to lose weight like so many of us.In the process I found that being active was an outlet for me and it became mental as much as physical. Its therapeutic and I can’t live without it! I continue to love challenging myself and others and I love being able to help people get stronger and healthier! Come dance, sculpt and HIIT with me!
Dec 26


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Hi I’m Dvasha! I began working out as a teen and instantly fell in love with it! It’s become not only a workout but therapy for me too! I especially love cycling because its such a fun form of cardio! My goal in my classes is for my riders to have fun while working out and for it to do for them what it does for me!